Friday, June 25, 2010

6 Month Stats

We went to the doctor last week and here are their updated stats:

Kayla- She weighed in at 14 lb 6oz (25th percentile) and was 24 inches long (25th percentile). The doc was happy with her growth and weight gain. Her Reflux is getting a little better. We have an appointment with the GI doc on Tuesday. I am interested to see what she has to say about whether or not we should switch meds. I say this b/c while it is getting a little better, it is not completely gone. There was a brief time where it was pretty much gone and the Zantac was working great. Now she spits up at least 2-3 times a day sometimes more. I find I have to be careful when to do tummy time with her and I can't play with her without making her spit up. She is getting such a personality. She just loves to smile and laughs at everything we say. You would think we were the most hilarious people they way she carries on. LOL. I love hearing her laugh and those big gummy smiles...

Rebecca- She weighed in at 14 lb and 14 oz ( 30th percentile) and is 24.25 inches ( 25th percentile). The doc was also pleased with her growth and weight gain but upon inspection of her ears found that they are impacted with wax! I knew something was going on b/c her hearing has been affected. Sometimes she responds to me and sometimes she doesn't.. The doc tried to clean it out but no luck.. So, I had to clean them out with a few drops of half strength hydrogen peroxide once a day for about 5 days.
We took her back this week to get them cleared out. We went to the Dr on Wednesday and the doc took another look inside. It was still full of wax. So, she took out her tools and we got Rebecca in position and she started, for lack of a better term, digging.. She managed to pull out a 1 inch long chunk of wax from the left side. She dug some more and got another good size chunk out. Same story on the right side. I have never seen so much wax come from one child in my life! Rebecca screamed through the whole thing. Once she got the wax out, she flushed her ears with water just to make sure she got it all. When she flushed, a bunch of white filmy stuff came out. The white filmy stuff is indicative of an old infection. To my knowledge, she has never had an ear infection. She has never been exceptionally fussy, no pulling or playing with the ears and no fever or feeling especially warm to me. The doc said it must have happened between age 4 months and 6 months b/c at 4 months her ears were perfectly clear. She said not to worry, it happens a lot. We go back in 6 week or sooner if she starts having issues with hearing or starts to complain about her ears. I must say I am quite relieved that it was only wax. I was starting to worry that she may have a real hearing problem but now we know she's just a waxy kid! LOL. It was so cute, when the doc was done, Rebecca started laughing and smiling. I spoke into one ear then the other and she responded immediately!! She hasn't done that in a long time! She is so funny now. It's like she didn't realize how noisy the world really is! LOL.
Rebecca is quite the "talker". I can't wait to see what kind of kid she turns out to be. She is going to be my little trouble maker in school. I can see it now. "Mrs. Miller, I need to speak to you about your daughter Rebecca. She doesn't seem to want to sit down and listen. She is always up talking to the other students...." She has a funny disposition. She'll do something funny and look at you like "What? What's so funny?" when she knows she did something funny. =D

We have started the girls on solids. So far they have tried Carrots, Sweet Potato, Squash and Bananas. They seem to like everything. The bananas, though, were not a favorite at first. Tomorrow (Saturday) I will be starting a new fruit with them. We venture into the wonderful world of Pears! I am not a huge fan of pears. I mean I like them but I wouldn't say they were my favorite fruit. I am going to try to stay neutral and let the girls decide whether they like them or not. Luckily, they are at a stage where my like or dislike for something doesn't matter to them. I have to say, I am very lucky to have such good eaters. We will see how they are a year from now. =) If they are like me, they will stay good eaters. If they are like their father, I am in trouble! He was a very picky eater as a child. Oy!

Well, it is getting late... Time to feed a baby. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll let you know how the pears go.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Looooong overdue update!

Well, the girls just keep growing! They are 6 months old now and are just starting to figure out this whole rolling over business. Of course, they decide to practice while I am changing their diaper. They have also found their voices and LOVE to screach and howl. Ross and I call them the howler monkeys b/c they make these noises that I have never heard from a baby and when you look at them they smile real big and laugh. It's hard to get upset at that. =) I am constantly amazed at how big they are getting. I think about where we started and where we are now and I just can't believe they were only 3 lbs at birth. Where did my tiny babies go? Kayla has come so far! She is doing wonderfully and hasn't looked back since the surgery. You would never know that there was anything ever wrong with her. She big and chubby and happy as a clam. Rebecca is growing right along side her. Rebecca is still a tad bit bigger than Kayla but only by less than a pound. Kayla is taller than Rebecca. This has been true for their whole lives. On friday they will be going for their 6 month check up. I will be getting more accurate weights and heights then. I will update with their stats after the appt.

Here are a couple of  recent pics of the girls.

 Here is Kayla showing off her ballerina outfit!
Here is Rebecca with her new summer hat!

 More pics are coming soon! We have started feeding them solids and I'll be posting about that soon. It has been interesting to see them try to figure out what a spoon is and what that stuff is on the spoon. Hope everyone has a great Hump day!