Friday, April 15, 2011

Long Time No Blog

So, here we are. The girls are 16 months old now and we are MOBILE!! Holy crap! Rebecca is walking full time now and Kayla is starting to take steps independently. While it is nice to see them become more independent, it makes me think of my babies growing up. They are doing great with Physical Therapy and will be starting Speech Therapy in a few weeks. There are some issues regarding their speech/language development. This is from the multiple ear infections last fall/winter. Also, I have noticed some issues with food textures and they both refuse to drink from a sippy cup for more than 2 seconds. At thins point I am waiting for the scheduler to call me to set up the formal evaluation. They had an informal screening a few weeks ago and the Speech Therapists said that the girls could benefit from their services.

Kayla's new thing is Dora the Explorer. She LOVES Dora!! She has a Dora book that she just HAS to look at every morning now and stops whatever she is doing the second she hears the beginning of the theme song. LOL. She has even started to dance to the music. So cute! I am trying to get it on video but the minute I start recording, she stops dancing.

Rebecca is also in love with Dora but not as much as Kayla is. Rebecca is into books and things that make music. She loves her piano and xylophone that they got for their birthday. She likes to dance as well. It is sooo cute to see them dancing in the family room. =D

Also, they have started to show affection towards each other. Kayla loves to "tackle" Rebecca and give her big kisses. Then they start rolling around hugging each other and giggling. One more thing I need to get on video. I am so happy to see that they love each other. I was starting to wonder if they realized that that other baby was their sister. I think they have figured it out.

Less than 2 months to go until school is out! I am excited but a little nervous about this. I am not sure what we will do with them during the summer when I have to go to work. Ross can't do it on his own and frankly, I don't think I could deal with 2 walking toddlers alone for 13 hours. So, we are looking into different options. Perhaps a summer camp type thing for little ones or sending them to a different daycare for part of the day.. We will see. There are still things to be discussed. I will keep you all updated.

Well, that is all for now. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flying and such..

First of all, Happy New Year!! I realize I am almost a month late but better late than never. We went on our first out of town trip a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to let you know how it went. It went surprisingly well. We got to the airport at about 6AM on Thursday the 13th. Ross dropped me and the girls off with the luggage and we put the girls in their stroller. He left to drop off the car and returned with the car seats strapped to his luggage. We used a 1 1/2 inch "O" ring that we bought from Lowes and the latch belts to attach the car seats to the luggage. It worked pretty well. Going through security was tricky but not as bad as I had envisioned. We put all our luggage and bags on the conveyor belt with our shoes just like everyone else. I took the girls while he folded the stroller and shoved it through the machine. It fit! I was shocked!! I was afraid it would get trapped in there and we would lose our stroller. I declared the milk and food that I had and they searched it and x-rayed it to make sure there wasn't anything other than what I had said was in there. I carried the girls through the xray machine and the TSA guys helped us get situated again. That was nice. =)  We got to the gate and got our gate check tags for the stroller and possibly the car seats but after some buttering up and big smiles, they told us we could bring the car seats on with us! Score!! We get down to the plane and we take the girls out of the stroller. So, now I am carrying a diaper bag, a baby and pulling a suitcase with a car seat attached to it. Can you say pack mule?? LOL! Ross was carrying a baby, a backpack and a suitcase with car seat too. I am sure the other passengers were THRILLED to see us bopping down the aisle! We got to our seats and the flight attendant was AWESOME! He helped install car seats, held Rebecca for a second while I got everything put away and even provided some entertainment for the girls during the flight!

The flight went extremely well except that Rebecca got a little airsick but it was a tiny bit and was easy to clean up. I brought toys and books but the girls were more interested in looking out the window than playing or listening to stories. They even took a nice nap for an hour before we landed.

Getting off the plane, we purposefully waited to be the last ones off. It worked out better because then we didn't have to worry about hitting anyone with our luggage on the way out. We got our stroller back in one piece (yay!) and headed to the car rental area. That went pretty smoothly too. Once the car seats were installed and everything was loaded into the car, we were off to have fun with the family!

Coming home wasn't to bad either. The only issue was that they would not let us bring our car seats. We ended up gate checking them with the stroller. Again, not so bad because the girls were fascinated with the window and they slept through half the flight.

I am so glad we went to PA!! Not only to see our family but to prove that we could travel with 2 babies. We are flying again in October to see my family this time and to celebrate my cousin getting married. That will be a lot of fun!! Plus, we will have my mom with us! Yaay!

Well, that is all for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!