Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Ocotber already???

Wow! September just came and went so fast, my head is spinning. So, let's see.. Lots of stuff happened last month. On September 6th, Rebecca was admitted to the hospital with Bacterial Meningitis!!! It all started Sunday night (the 5th). She was a little cranky and refused to drink her 11 pm bottle. At about midnight I checked her temp b/c she was feeling a little warm to me. Sure enough, she had a temp of 101. So, I gave her some Tylenol and we went to bed. Kayla had drank her bottle and was in bed already. At about 3 am on Monday morning Rebecca wakes up screaming. I check her temp and she is up to 103. I call the doctor and the nurse tells me to give her a tepid bath, more Tylenol and recheck it again in 4 hours. So I did what she told me and at 7 am it was around 102. I fed Rebecca her bottle and called the doctor b/c now I am starting to see a rash on her chest and upper arms. I tell this to the nurse and she tells me it is probably a fever rash. Ok, she's the expert. I'll go with it. As I am talking to her Rebecca vomits up her whole bottle. I tell the nurse this and she tells me to give her Pedialyte and continue giving her Tylenol and checking her temps. If they go over 104 or she is not tolerating the Pedialyte I am to call her back ASAP. Other wise, call her at 4 pm to re-evaluate. So, again, I do what I am told. She tolerates her Pedialyte and her temps stay under 104 but she is getting increasingly lethargic and the rash is now spreading. The rash went from looking like little pin-pricks to small bruises. The rash started turning purple and angry looking. I call the doctor back and explain to another nurse what was going on. She patches me over to the Pediatrician and he says get to the nearest ER NOW!!! So, we take her to the nearest hospital and within minutes of arriving they are taking blood and urine samples. The ER docs are now asking us a million and one questions. Where have we been for the past 4-6 days? Who has been in contact with her? Does she go to daycare? Any siblings in the house? So forth and so on.. My head is spinning trying to answer as accurately as possible. Then they say they have to do a spinal tap. At this point they start saying they suspect Meningitis. WHAT?!?!? How the hell did my precious baby get MENINGITIS?????? Now I am starting to panic. Why is this happening? What is going to happen next? Will she be ok? What about Kayla? Is she infected to and we don't know it? Are WE infected? The questions just keep coming and the answers aren't good. They aren't sure how it happened. The suspect she got it in daycare. They say we have to wait and see how her body reacts to the antibiotics. They cannot guarantee that she will be ok. They are primarily concerned about whether or not she will make it through the night. You mean she might die?!?!?!? It's a possibility, they say. Also, they tell us that Kayla needs to come in to be checked out. Holy sh*t!! I cannot, WILL NOT lose my baby. I can't! This is crazy. She was fine 24 hours ago and now they are telling me that she is on the brink of death!? So, we bring Kayla in and she gets treated with prophylactic antibiotics. They tell us she is fine but to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't start getting the rash or fevers. The whole night my husband and I slept next to Rebecca in her room. I was NOT leaving her for a second. Every time this monitor or that monitor went off I jumped up to see what it was. I knew we would be ok when morning came and nothing major had happened. To say it was the scariest night of my life is an understatement. She spent 8 more days in the hospital getting antibiotics and tests of her brain function to make sure there was no permanent damage. There isn't. THANK GOD!! She is doing great now and the rash is all but gone. She has a few spots in her groin but they are fading quickly.

Once that incident was over I got the girls back on schedule with feeding and schedules and such. We started adding lunch to the food schedule. I started them out slowly with stage 1 veggies b/c I knew they wouldn't be able to handle a 4 oz jar of food for lunch right away. I am thinking that Kayla is ready to move up to a 4 oz jar. Rebecca isn't there just yet.

In development news, the girls are ALMOST crawling! Kayla is starting to figure out how the whole crawling business works and I think with a little more practice, she will figure it out in about a week or so. Rebecca is my studier. She watches Kayla to see how she does it and I am sure once Kayla gets moving that Rebecca will be right behind her. =)

It's been a very eventful month and I am ready for October to beless eventful inthat no one gets sick. Only good events from now on! Halloween is coming up and I cannot wait to see the girls all dressed up!! The girls are having a halloween party at school and I really wantto be there to see all the kids dressed up. =D We won't be taking them trick or treating this year b/c well, they can't eat the candy. Plus we are going out of town that day to visit family. We will go next year! Well, that is all for now. Talk at you later.

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